Jun 29, 2015

The pet got a name

Due to a new job I hadn't time enough to write to the blog and commit to the pet repository. Due to a one of the national holidays I've got 3 free days in a row to proceed with both.

So, the news.

The pet got a name.

The API is separated to a dedicated package.
LightCom-API. I believe this is right.

The documentation for both packages got updated.
There are two the most hard duties during development: writing tests and writing documentation. While a lot of efforts are investigation, tests are in mind yet. I believe it's not good and I swear I'll write them down soon. I swear. Yes, I believe in that.

Writing documentation is much easier for me. The most hard thing is to have all your vision in memory and have no ability to write it down immediately. Balls!

Regarding other questions mentioned in the previous post.

EcmaScript 2015 or TypeScript?
TypeScript, definitely. Static typing works great.

Grunt or Gulp?
No one. At this point power of npm is enough. Later, I believe... Gulp. Less configs, more straightforward code.

Mongoose or ...?
Mongoose. Definitely.

JSON-API or ...?
JSON-API. Definitely. Huge thanks to Ethan Resnick for his perfect node package that implements most part of the JSON-API specification.

Angular v1.4 or v2.0?
Still the open question.

P.S. BTW, I've chosen a license too. Guess?

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